Creamed Corn Skillet Chicken

  • on October 1, 2020
Creamed Corn Skillet Chicken
Creamed Corn Skillet Chicken
Skillet seared chicken in creamed corn with bacon and basil!

I always enjoy quick and easy meal ideas and this recipe for creamed corn chicken skillet is my current favourite! Corn is in season right now and it’s nice to get it while it’s fresh, but this recipe also works well with frozen corn for all times of the year! The idea behind this recipe is a one pan version of pan seared chicken with a side of creamed corn and the chicken goes so well when smothered in creamy corn! I can’t help but start this recipe off by cooking some bacon which is set aside before cooking the chicken in the bacon grease. After the chicken is seared the corn is added to the skillet and charred slightly over high heat where the charring enhanced the corns sweetness and adds a hint of smokiness. The creamy sauce is made with a combo of cream and chicken broth seasoned with thyme, parmesan cheese and butter, to which I often like to add a hit of white miso paste! The dish is finished off with fresh basil! The flavour combinations of chicken, corn, cream, butter, parmesan, thyme, bacon and basil in this dish are simply magical, and it’s so easy to make, even on busy weeknights!


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